Services & Experiences

Private Chef

Enhance your vacation at Venezia Luxury Living, with a culinary experience! Our chefs will prepare an amazing meal while you get to relax in your hot tub, or just read a book. Well known chefs of the island will work with you on menus, dietary restrictions, and special requests you might have to ensure a high quality and unique experience!

Greek BBQ & Meze

A mesmerizing presentation of the one-of-a-kind Greek cuisine at the privacy of your own villa, designed by the head chef of Venezia Group. Get overwhelmed by the simple aroma of artisan daily products, fresh herbs, olive oil, and smoked vegetables. Feel the palate of the Keftedes, marinated capers and garlic tomato sauce and smell the full body aroma of village sausages, lamb chops and other selected local meats accompanied with the freshness and aroma of local herbs. Pair with an ice-cold local beer and a wide selection of other drinks.

Fish BBQ & Meze

An enthralling experience of Mediterranean Sea Food-themed dinner, straight from our fisherman’s catch. Enjoy salty bites of crispy battered cod, soft textured smoked cheese, cool salads, and cold wine. Lost in the aroma of an ink risotto and the unique taste of fresh, octopus, shrimps, and sea bass direct from the charcoal heat! Traditional pastries, mastic ice cream and a traditional Greek coffee will ensure a smooth landing near your private pool!

Eat as a Local Dinner Set

Dive into an exquisite dining experience of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in the relaxed setting with the spectacular views of the endless blue waters. Spoil yourself with a variety of delicious dishes carefully designed and prepared to satisfy the most exclusive taste. Smell of roasted sesame and cheesy tastes smoked with rosemary will roam the table while the candlelight highlight the flavors originating from the deep origins of the Greek cuisine. Byzantine Moussaka, Fried, melted Graviera cheese from Tinos Island, a wide choice of antipasti and finest fresh meat selection will bring total pleasure to your table!

breakfast baskets

Kickstart your day with a basket full of goodness, vitamins, and energy! Creamy yogurt with honey, scrambled eggs bruschetta with feta cheese and mint, fresh orange juice or ice-cold smoothie, direct from the oven artisan bakery and traditional jam made from our garden fruits! Top up with ice espresso, cappuccino or the world known Greek Frappe!


Contact with the Villa host and arrange a special basket of the goods that serves your needs at most. You can tailor-made your request according to your needs and we will try our best to provide it.


Take the guesswork out when comes to quality local wines. Our Beverage manager will choose three bottles of exceptional taste and quality from the local wineries. White, Rose and Red bottles that will indulge your tastebuds and satisfy your needs. For a selection of cheese, fresh fruits or some fine ham cuts, please speak with your Villa host! We will be happy to arrange anything for you!


Enjoy the villa everyday as it was on the arrival: Clean, slightly aromatized air, Sparkling Kitchen a welcoming bathroom and clean fluffy towels and bed sheets! In the post covid era, disinfection is a must, and our experienced, professional cleaning personnel are here to ensure the everyday cleaning of the villa upon your request!


Take the luxury of your Villa at the crystal blue waters of the Aegean. Visit small islands near Rhodes, visit Lindos by the sea and discover unique beaches for a most private experience, A private yacht charter is all about you… and your guests if you choose. A most personalized excursion, tailored to your every desire. Choose your guests, locations, activities, menus, and everything else. It is only limited by your imagination and dreams. Your Villa host will be available to assist you every step of the way.