A fine evening at the Villa’s in Rhodes

During your holy-days, you have one serious task to complete: Rejuvenate and have fun! By choosing Venezia Luxury Living, you already made a 60% of the final target, of rejuvenation. The facilities guarantees that! The rest 40% is all about you, is about how you decide to get advantage of them! They are there for you! But a pool, is just some water. When people swim there, it becomes an object of communication and a tool to have fun! When the people holds some wine, then the pool becomes the basic element of a party! When some music playing, then the pool and the wine becomes the baseline! Add some tapas and you have a great opportunity to re-introduce yourself to yourself and to others!

Imagine a hot summer night, you were at the beach during the day having some comfort food and you feel baked from the sun! Your body calls for some hydration and your spirit is ready for new experiences! In other words, it is the sweet moment you realize that you want to stay in!

Netflix and chill ?

The traditional “Netflix and chill” is available because the TV’s on every villa is equipped and Netflix awaits! But has it be like this? After nearly a year of quarantine, of course not!

Notes of a perfect pool party!

An evening spent inside the villa, must be a well-spent evening! Food, Drinks, Music are the basic elements.

Pit-Master Mood: You have the BBQ ready and hungry for some meat! Head to the S/M and buy some meat, some fresh veggies for a salad and of course beers! Find a perfect music list and the feast is ready to begin!

Akis-in-me Mode: You feel creative enough for some fine-looking easy cooking? Well, make a Nespresso (equipped in all the villas), sit by the pool and do some research! Spinach and Fetta Pasta is a choice that will amaze your taste buds. Easy enough and elegant too!

Recipe Here

Lord-Guest Mode: You can even be like a lord in the villa having your own private chef! Choose a theme for a unique dinner, and let everything to the chef! A professional chef will knock your door and cook a meal just for you! Ask your villa host for further details!

Extra Tips:

Greece has a wide variety of beers from microbreweries and fine wines for all the tastes. Try to find them in Super Markets and equip your fridge with some exclusive tastes!

Rhodes has its own soundtrack! Valeron, a well known Greek DJ, made a set just for Rhodes. The best part is that you can see 90 mins of exclusively Rhodes video footage in the below video that is also perfect soundtrack for your memories from Rhodes!